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Joint Innovation with Singapore - Partner Matching Platform
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Open until 31 December 2024

Welcome to the Partner Matching Platform for Enterprise Singapore's Co-Innovation Programmes!

This platform enables enterprises to profile and search for cross-border collaboration opportunities with potential project partners. 

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Found a project partner and excited to start collaborating? You can participate in the call for applications for co-innovation programmes to receive funding support from your government funding agency, subject to further assessment according to national funding regulations.

What are Co-Innovation Programmes?

Co-Innovation Programmes (CIP) can assist in your company’s growth and expansion journeys, by supporting projects that catalyse cross-border collaboration on technology development and co-innovation.

These programmes open new opportunities for the exchange of ideas and knowledge across enterprises in different countries. Work with an international counterpart to co-innovate solutions, testbed them and scale up into the region together.

Find out more about the programmes supported by Enterprise Singapore here.

Find partners for CIP

Whether you are a Singapore company or an overseas one, we welcome you to register on this platform to generate new business leads and partnerships. 

Alternatively, you may want to check out IPI's Innovation Marketplace or get in touch with IPI for bespoke support to scout for collaborators.

Global Innovation Alliance

The CIP is offered as part of the Global Innovation Alliance (GIA). The GIA is a network of Singapore and overseas partners in major innovation hubs and key demand markets, with a focus on technology and innovation.

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Singapore 133
Israel 81
Australia 33
Switzerland 20
India 10
Austria 4
Türkiye 3
Lithuania 2
France 2
Viet Nam 2
Thailand 1
Spain 1
United Kingdom 1
Japan 1
Germany 1
China 1
Canada 1
Taiwan 1
Finland 1
Total 299